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2013 Summer Smash

Prize List

Summer Smash 2013

August 4th, Sunday, at Hawaii All Stars Paintball Field
Hawaii All Stars Paintball waivers and field directions

$30 Pre-Registration ends July 31st. Walk-on price is $45.

Cholo's Homestyle Mexican Food Truck will be at Summer Smash offering delicious Mexican food in addition to hot dogs and fries.

Check in starts at 8:00am. First game starts at 9:30.

All ASH rules in effect -
400 FPS Limit on all guns
Full face Paintball Mask Required.
-Separate face shield/goggle sets and mesh or screen goggles not allowed.
-No metal or glass BBs allowed
-No Green or Blue Lasers allowed
-No exposed or external Li-po battery packs unless the battery is enclosed in a rigid case such as a PEQ or battery box. Li-po batteries contained in soft pouches or anything that may be smashed, crushed or damaged are not allowed
-No shooting directly at the safety nets

For information about sponsorship please contact Grant.