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Arriving at the field for the first time can be a little intimidating. This section will familiarize you with what goes on at the field and what you need to do for your first outting.

Before you even head out for the Airsoft Hawaii field there are a few things you'll need.

  • Covered Shoes. No slippers or sandals are allowed for safety reasons.
  • Plenty of fluids. The Airsoft Hawaii field can get very hot during the hot season.
  • Airsoft bb's.

If you've never played at the Airsoft Hawaii field send mail to to ask for directions to the meeting spot. Do not wear camoflague clothes to the public meeting spot as a large group of players in military style clothing will draw unwanted attention. A referee will meet you at the meeting spot.

On your way into the field observe the 5mph speed limit.

On the field the people in yellow shirts are referees. They are there to keep the players safe and organize the games. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.

The first thing to do is to be sure you turn in your waiver to a referee. You can download the waiver, sign it, and bring it to the game or you can fill out the form at the field.

If you're going to be borrowing airsoft equipment ask one of the refs and he'll point you in the right direction. You'll get a mask, an airsoft gun, a battery, and a high capacity magazine. If you've never operated an airsoft gun before ask the referee to show you how to properly handle and operate the gun.

If you already have all your own equipment take your gun to the chronograph station to measure the velocity of your gun. For gas pistols, fill your magazine with gas but do not load bbs. For all other guns you will use Airsoft Hawaii's bbs and magazines. To measure the velocity of your gun put the end of the barrel on the black rubber rest, keeping the barrel a parallel to the ground as possible. You will need to fire three shots. Do not fire too rapidly. Fire one shot and wait for the number to change then fire again. All shots must be 400 feet per second or under. Once you've passed the chronograph you're ready to go. Get all your gear ready and wait for the referees to announce the first game.
Chronograph your gun.

Listen to the safety briefing. All the playing rules will be explained in the briefing as well as any other special announcements that club needs to make. Don't worry about being assigned a team ribbon. Team ribbons are usually given out after the first two games so the referees can properly balance the teams.

Then all that's left is go out onto the field and have a fun, safe day of airsoft!