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Does getting hit by an airsoft bb hurt? You will feel it when hit by an airsoft bb. Depending on the distance you are hit from, the feeling will range from a slight tap to a slight sting. Airsoft Hawaii regulates all guns in the game for power and if any gun is too powerful, it will be banned from use for safety reasons. For more information about Airsoft Hawaii's rules regarding gun velocity, go to the ASH Rules section. All unmodified airsoft guns are within safe velocity limits
Are airsofts and playing with them safe? Airsoft Hawaii has been conducting airsoft games since 1987 and has naver had any major injuries caused from the use of airsoft guns. Airsoft, like any other organized sport is refereed and requires that all players wear protective equipment and abide by all playing rules. For more information regarding Airsoft Hawaii's rules and regulations, go to the ASH Rules section.
How old do you have to be to play Airsoft? Airsoft Hawaii allows players ages 14 and older to play. Players under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver form in order to play. Airsoft is a great game for men and women of all ages. Our members range from 14 to 41 years old. Players under the age of 14 must have a legal guardian remain at the field during the duration of their stay.
What do I need to bring to my first game? Bring plenty to drink, a small snack, wear boots or shoes and camoflague. If you don't have camoflague, wear dark colored pants that you don't mind getting dirty. Please do not wear camoflague to the meeting areas. We request that all players dress into their camoflague on the field. Airsoft Hawaii has airsoft equipment and protective eyewear available as loaners. For more information email
Is Airsoft Hawaii a para-military group? Airsoft Hawaii is not related to and does not encourage any sort of para-military types of excercises. Airsoft Hawaii was formed to create a safe, organized, and fun environment where Hawaii's airsoft enthusiasts can play.
Why does Airsoft Hawaii have so many rules? Airsoft Hawaii has placed rules into effect for your safety. The goal of ASH has always been the growth of airsoft in Hawaii for the recreationalplayer. Famililarize yourself with rules in the Airsoft Hawaii Rules section.
What is the velocity limit for Airsoft Hawaii? Airsoft Hawaii has velocity limit of 400 feet per second or lower for most airsoft guns using .20 gram airsoft bbs. Bolt action, spring powered rifles must shoot 450 feet per second or lower using .20 gram airsoft bbs. This limit was set based on experimentation and over 12 years of airsoft experience.
Is Airsoft Hawaii a business? Airsoft Hawaii is not a business. Airsoft Hawaii is a group of airsoft enthusiasts who have come together to play orgazined and safe games of airsoft pursuit. Airsoft Hawaii and all of its volunteers make no profits from any of activities. We do it for the love of the game.
Isn't airsoft violent? Airsoft promotes sportsmanship, team work, and is a great form of excercise just like any other organized sport. Airsoft Hawaii takes considerable steps to promote the safe and responsible use and handling of airsoft guns.